Appalachian Children and Adolescent Counseling for Asheville Families

Parental Feelings

Does your child or teen struggle with worries or anxiety? Are they having difficulties with concentration, focus, and energy? They may have difficulty coping with painful life experiences. When kids become overwhelmed with emotions, they either act up or withdraw. Their potential inability to manage their feelings blocks them from building healthy relationships. I use play, art, and other interventions working with kids and teens, making counseling a positive experience. I can help kids and teens become more resilient and remember how to feel happy again!

Parents report that before calling me, they often had thoughts such as, “I had no one else to turn too.” “I tried everything, and still, nothing seems to work.” I was haunted at night that I could not help my child.” “I was supposed to protect her, and I feel like I am a failure.” “I have read everything and nothing worked?’

These are just some of the experiences parents discuss with me when they first call. I have deep core belief we are all doing the best we can with the awareness we have in any given moment. Parenting is not easy, and often, we are not always given the tools to deal with the challenges children grow up in today’s world.

You are not alone, and I want first to say, and please hear me you are not a failure. We all need people we can turn to, to help us through some of our darkest times. I like to look at times, such as these as opportunities for growth. The challenges we face, give us the occasion to continue to do the same thing, and repeat our shortcomings, or we can embrace change and ask for help. I have been there, and I believe this is one of the reasons I can connect with others on a deeper level.

Call me now to set up a free confidential face to face consultation to discuss your concerns to see If I am a good fit to meet the needs of your family, or use the contact form on this site by clicking the button below.

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Every child and adolescent is unique though some common themes leading families to look into counseling for their children. Let us be frank; something is not working.
Children communicate through play. As a Registered Play Therapist, I have been trained through education, clinical supervision, and ten years of experience using play therapy to recognize the way children communicate. Through play either structured or unstructured; I can assist in helping children process feelings that are causing difficulties.

Adolescents can be a particularly hard time for the individual as well as for the parents. Often the adolescent does not want to talk, but through other expressive modalities such as Sand Trays and other creative modalities, the adolescent begins to trust and open up that creates a therapeutic relationship to assist them in working through their struggles.

I believe that the traditional counseling method of sitting in a chair and talking to a therapist is only one facet to healing. I engage kids with interactive, creative counseling sessions that help them see themselves and their lives from new perspectives by:

  • Including expressive arts and simple mindfulness meditation exercises.
  • Allowing children and adults to go at their own, comfortable pace.
  • Using personalized techniques that resonate with them.
  • Providing a comfortable environment — emotionally and physically.
  • Envision where you want to be and how you want to feel.